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How Annabelle, Annabelle, Lost her head.

How Annabelle, Annabelle, Lost her head.


How it began:

It all started with a Halloween costume, a prank and a doll head.  The precious doll head still lives in my house today, we loving call her Annabelle.  Approximately five years ago after attending a Halloween party the remnants of my costume ended up in the trunk of my car, and this is where the stories began.  The thought my doll coming to visit was the urban legend that lurked across the small school I worked for at the time.  Until one day a package was left in the office.  Not too long after Annabelle’s story came to life.  She’s a corky spirit that enjoys having childhood fun, getting messy and learning lessons along the way.  Her “mom” Lucy loves unconditionally, exudes persistence and is ready to take on any challenge.  Together these two will do amazing things.