Story Time with Ms. April…

Story Time with Ms. April…

Her head again

My big debut weekend is finally here!

I’m so excited to meet some of you in Oceanside CA this Sunday, October 16th at 4 PM!

We have room for a few more to attend so click HERE to reserve your spot!

If you are unable to get to Oceanside but want to meet me and hear Ms. April read my story, be sure to click HERE to tune in for our Facebook Live episode that will start around 4:30 PM.

**Invite your friends and family.  My story is targeting children ages 3 – 8 but we have a feeling that all ages will love to hear my adventure.

About Author April Andreola

Born and raised in sunny southern California, lives with her husband, 2 children and 3 Jack Russell Terriers. While no doll is safe in her house, Annabelle will always be treasured. April’s lifelong passion for working in early childhood education brings in a realism of childhood challenges and the ability, the child has to work through them. A piece of advice for the reader’s duct tape can fix anything.

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