Final Cover

One, two I wrote this book for you.

Three, four, I know you’ll love it more.

Five, six, it’s ready for pix.

Seven, eight, this is gonna be great!

Nine, ten, this is not the end.

This may seem silly, but sometimes silly is the best way to enjoy yourself and those around you. I’ve spent nearly 20 years working with young children, I am silly! I enjoy the whimsical freedom that comes with childhood. I don’t adult, or at least I try to avoid it whenever possible.  I have written this book for young children and their parents to enjoy together. Let’s face it, as parents we enjoy reading to our children far more when we are into the book too.

This rhyme is not only fun, but factual. The book is ready for an illustrator and this is where you can help. I believe in team work, let’s just say it’s the teacher in me.  The total I am trying to raise is $4000. This is to cover the costs of the illustrator and marketing the book. The following is a list of donations, and the award that I will be offering at each level. Let do this together!  Click HERE for my GOFUNDME!

$10 donation ~ Thank you card from characters Lucy and Annabelle

$25 donation ~ Get your name in book (only 80 available spots)

$50 donation ~ Get an autographed copy of book

$100 donation ~ Get 2 autographed copies of the book to share

$250 donation ~ Get 2 autographed copies of book to and two  t-shirts to share.

$500 donation ~ Gets 10 autographed books for a classroom and  two t-shirts to share.

Lucy, Annabelle and I would love you to be a part of our adventure. Thank you in advance for your kindness. We can’t wait to get this party started!

~ Ms. April Andreola